The Life We Were In

by Ben Olson

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I am very proud of this record. But I'm ready to let it go. It's not an I like it or an I hate it record, it's an I get it or I don't get it record. And so I'm giving it to anyone that may find comfort in the fact that they indeed do get it.

-Ben Olson


released June 14, 2015

Ben Olson-Vocals/Guitar
Liam Copeland-Background Vocals/Keys/Percussion
Cayley Thomas-Vocals (on Empty Nights)
Jenna Clarahan-Cello (on Jim)

Produced by Liam Harvey Oswald and Ben Olson

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Liam Harvey Oswald at ES&D studios and Acoustic Loft studios

All Songs by: Ben Olson (socan)
Cover photo by: Neil Volk
Publishing : Ben Olson Music



all rights reserved


Ben Olson Edmonton, Alberta has likened Olson’s trademark voice as that of a “gravel gargling honky-tonk angel.” Now" releasing his second album "The Life We Were In, ( on Edmonton label Manatees and Jack-O-Lanterns,) Olson will continue to expand into new genres, and more importantly, new parts of the country and continent that he’s never seen before. ... more

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Track Name: Cresco, Iowa
I don’t know if it comes that much a surprise to you that I’ve fallen on my face
But the last whole year has been the death of me as life crashes at my feet
The last time I could even think straight I was on I-80 out running a hurricane
And I left that man in Cresco, Iowa on the Sir family farm

I know it’s no more
It feels like I never had it before
Where’s the life that I’ve known
Cause nothing has ever felt the same since I came home

And I know you left to make your life your own and then you wouldn’t need me
But I didn’t know it would be our last good bye as you walked into those gates
So I found myself out here in the winter cold wondering when you were coming home
Thinking about the last thing you said to me, “This maybe the end I don’t know”
Track Name: Let You Down
A surprise to me I never realized
The truth about intersecting lives
All the friends you thought you had
To pick you up off the fallen track
Are neither lost or neither found
They’re like an empty chair when they’re around
They fill the space enough to see
But in the end it’s still empty

Would you believe the one’s you need would let you down

You need a place to sleep tonight
You need a place to store your life
You need to a hand to move it all
You need to know that you can call
But you find the ones you thought
Would be there have all gone
And there you stand in wonderment
Wondering where they all went

So where were the ones you counted on
All those ties you thought so strong
The ones who swore so lovingly
That they’d be there when you need
I guess the truth ain’t hard to read
In the end they don’t want to see
All the problems of real life
They’d rather just live the lie
Track Name: Empty Nights
I had trouble just holding back the tears
When you said that you were leaving me and you’d never come back here
I maybe dumb but I understand
The world I knew will never be the same again

I only came home yesterday
Just to find that my world was empty and betrayed
I know what I said before I left
But I thought you’d know that I really didn’t mean it

Cause now it just doesn’t feel right
When all we’ve got are these lonely empty nights
Empty nights

I’m coming home across the bridge alone
I’m stumbling back even though I don’t wanna go
My house is no longer my home
The only thing I can feel there is this conflict that we own

And now I’m trying to sleep at home alone
Waiting for the the moment when you walk thought that door
I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight again
As I wonder if this will ever truly mend

I can’t believe this is how it’s gonna end
It just doesn’t seem to fit with the life we had lived
Track Name: One Quick Second
All I’m feeling in the empty hollow wind
Is the kiss of the air
And all I’m thinking in this moment of caress
It’s not a bad way to end
My life did not flash right before my eyes
It wasn’t that clear at all

Speeding out the frame now twists away
As my head hits the ground
One quick second took it all away
The last of anything I had

All I notice laying on the road
The sun is hot but the wind is cold
As I sit up I look straight to my left
To see the pieces of this mess
It’s just one lesson that everybody learns
Soon enough it’s your turn

To all my Brothers with wheels on the road
Let em’ ride let em’ roll
Track Name: Kiddo
There’s something said for best laid plans
And everyone they understand
But if we knew how this would end
Would we have started when it began
It's one more time we wonder about the answer
It’s one more time the question has no answer
I was never suppose to see you sad,
Saw the worst you've ever had
I talked you down and brought you in
Never thinking about what that meant
Sometimes you don't realize the problem
This time I realized I am the problem

And I know I’ll never play that record again
The one that’s say's all the things about the life we were in

One day I’ll be a memory
A hazy thought of what has been
So when you’re on the hood of a car
I wonder will you think of me at all
Laying on your back remembering the rhythm
Staring at the sky thinking about the rhythm.
And when the fall turns it's head
And winter make it's ugly bed
Will you think in the cold cold snow,
About the last time ya heard "kiddo"
Someday for some one just another story
Someday I’ll be just another story
Track Name: Tomorrow Morning
I see her eye’s they connect with mine
And I know exactly what’s on her mind
I’ll take this girl home tonight
But tomorrow morning you’re on my mind

She comes on over nice and soft and slow
Say’s she just came by to say hello
In that little black dress she looks real fine
But tomorrow morning you’re on my mind

She takes me up the stairs into her room
Undresses slowly by light of moon
I fuck her in her bed that’s right
But tomorrow morning you’re on my mind

In the light of day I walk home alone
I call myself a cab to take me home
There’s no one there waiting for me
And today you’re the only one I see
Track Name: Jim
The first time that I ever saw your face was when I brought you home on a snowy day
Almost didn’t make it all the way back home the blizzard was fierce the road was long
You found yourself in my arms that night trying to sleep trying not to cry

The last time that I ever saw your face you were lying down on a hospital bed
I stayed with you for 14 hours trying to talk to you to see you through
The look in your eye’s was enough to know that you knew I was there and I wasn’t gonna go
I’d never go

Now that your gone the worlds an emptier place without your smile it’s not the same
I find myself just sitting down looking at your things wishing you were around
I don’t believe in heaven or those fairy tales but I know that your with me I can feel you in the wind
Track Name: Money, Blood, Love and Time
Three chords and the truth is what I grew up to believe but was it a lie
It spent my money spilled my blood it took my love and used my time
I found myself with my back to the wall but did I find myself just what I want
Cause all my heroes all my life where always the same the losing kind
Me and Nichols and the losing kind

Just another pretty face was never gonna save my soul
So I put my stock in everything from the sound out here
All I thought
Would make me whole

An angry young kid in an angrier town trying to lash out to burn it all down
So did the fight find me or did I find it I never knew I guess I never will
But I put my money in my mouth cause in that town you can’t back down
So in double time I defied it all but in double time you’re screaming at a wall
Just like Ian screaming at a wall
Track Name: Scars
There once was a time when morals where fine now they seem so abstract
I went through my youth with the better part of truth thinking I was a pretty good man
But the years have been told and these scars on my soul have the truth of that lie exposed
As I walk past the house that use to be our home I wonder who’s in there now

I heard someone say what is lost can’t be saved
And now I know it’s the truth
I heard that old tune that time heals wounds
But the scars will always remain

The time that has past ain’t ever coming back just a memory you chase all your life
Like the storms that I’ve known in your eyes and your soul when I told you I was forever yours
Now all I see in your eyes as you weep is the emptiness your left with inside
It's broken my will and my souls empty still since the day you said good-bye
Track Name: Just Like Me
I’m a liar I’m a thief I’m a god I’m a saint
I’m a boy I’m a man I am no one today
Yet some how I’m still everyone
And I’m a hypocrite but so are you and so are we all
Just because you’re right doesn’t mean that you’re not wrong
No one gets to live life free of that

So don’t worry at all your just like me

I’m a killer I’m a beggar I’m a king I’m a vote
Control my own destiny I’m a cosmic joke
No one here seems to get it
Yet everyone does
So tell the truth tell a lie it makes no difference to me
Everyone’s being who they want you to see
And I’m no different
no no no

I’m a lover I’m a hater I’m a prude I’m a whore
I’m a one-man army a starving mass of the poor
I’m every one of you
And your all me
A heart on your sleeve or mask on your face
Live your life loud or live it with out a trace
Everyone here has the same destiny