Like You And I, Darkness, 5 Foot 7

by Ben Olson

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released April 9, 2012

Ben Olson- Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Jamie Kitlarchuck- Mandolin
Kevin Klempp- Banjo
Laine Cherkewick- Bass
Ben Sir- Backround Vocals
Liam Copeland- Backround Vocals

Cover Photo by: Mitch Coulter
Recorded at: Eat Shit and Die Studios
Recorded by: Liam Harvey Oswald
Mixed at ES&D by: Liam Harvey Oswald and Ben Olson
Mastered at ES&D by: Bradon Sustrick and Liam Harvey Oswald

This album is a preview of Ben Olson's up coming full lengh L.P "With Nothing Framed" out June 14th 2012.



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Ben Olson Edmonton, Alberta has likened Olson’s trademark voice as that of a “gravel gargling honky-tonk angel.” Now" releasing his second album "The Life We Were In, ( on Edmonton label Manatees and Jack-O-Lanterns,) Olson will continue to expand into new genres, and more importantly, new parts of the country and continent that he’s never seen before. ... more

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Track Name: Like You And I
We rode the county line all those years ago
chasing the girls and trying to forget about the snow
I fought those country boys tooth and nail then
while you just ran away from everyone of them

We walked those county roads gravel for miles and miles
just to find that there was nothing worth our while
So I found that highway that black top going south
while you disappeared never to be found

Those day were clear in a world that’s never clear at all
And those days are gone like the wind they ain’t never coming home
Like you and I

We walked the city’s edge all those years ago
trying to get somewhere that we never knew
We found ourselves out there just looking at the lights
wondering if we’d ever get out alive

We walked those city streets every time we could
to try find something to try and keep us going
but all we got was mud upon our face
and scrapped up knuckles with nothing left to say
Track Name: Darkness
I lye awake at 2 am, these demons call to me again
I can see their face as clear as glass
The darkness brings that fear that lasts
The monsters aren’t in my head, I’m not a child trying to go to bed
the fear I have can’t be undone
the real world’s the darkest of all

We lock our door try not to see all those things we won’t believe
we close ours eye’s and go to sleep
But behind closed doors is the darkest place where all those things we never say
keep going on anyway

I’ll find no peace anywhere tonight, and I’ll find no peace in the morning light
the truth is I can’t escape
This fear I have cannot be tamed
These demons call loud and clear, we all pretend not to hear
But I know their out past my door
but we don’t hear those chains anymore
Track Name: 5 Foot 7
Tried to pick up every thing I need to know
about how to fight a man and to stand alone
you pick it up quick when they’re bigger than you
and the bigger they are the more you’ll do
Like break his knees to bring him on down
cause a man can’t fight when he’s on the ground
but you gotta strike quick and you gotta strike first
show no mercy, make sure it hurts

You gotta be hard, you gotta be mean
you gotta be the man no one wants to be

And I learnt everything I needed to do
to put a man down when I had too
I never left the house with out my knife
cause if it comes down to it, you can’t think twice
cause a man on the floor dead from your blade
is a hell of a lot better than you in his place
so at 5 foot 7 I went right out
and I didn’t look back like there was no doubts

I’m tired of being the man no one wants to be