With Nothing Framed

by Ben Olson

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released June 14, 2012

Ben Olson: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Glockenspiel
Kevin Klempp: Banjo
Jamie Kitlurchuck: Mandolin and Lap Steel
Laine Cherkewick: Bass, Piano, Organ and Skillet
Ben Sir: Background vocals
Liam Copeland: Background vocals

Recorded and Mastered at Eat Shit and Die Studios by: Liam Harvey Oswald
Mixed at ES&D by: Liam Harvey Oswald and Ben Olson

All Songs by: Ben Olson (socan)
Cover design: Cam Fenton
Cover Photo: Mitch Coulter
Publishing: Ben Olson Music



all rights reserved


Ben Olson Edmonton, Alberta

ThePunkSite.com has likened Olson’s trademark voice as that of a “gravel gargling honky-tonk angel.” Now" releasing his second album "The Life We Were In, ( on Edmonton label Manatees and Jack-O-Lanterns,) Olson will continue to expand into new genres, and more importantly, new parts of the country and continent that he’s never seen before. ... more

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Track Name: Destruction's Song
Destruction’s Song

I watch my friends waste their life on pills and booze and powder nights
and no one ever say’s a god damn thing
But I know I ain’t no better and I know you’ll find me with em’
when the world comes knocking on the door
Cause the nighttime always has to end and bring back all those things we said
we’d never run away from but we are
And we’re all ashamed to tell ourselves that the life that we’ve been spouting about
hasn’t even come close at all

So we sing, yeah we sing destruction’s song

I’ve watched these years go passing by with an endless string of hazy nights
maybe one or two I can’t recall
When your chasing dreams real life just seems to be a void that always needs
to filled when you’re just standing still
But we’ve all tried our best to get the life that we love the best
that life we really want to make us move
but we’re all our own saboteurs’ side tracked by those things that lure
the weaker parts of our soul’s astray
Track Name: Higher Ground
Higher Ground

I’m past all points, where I can turn out, 15 pounds of cocaine behind my seat no turning round
So here I am, 2 to 16 to 43, and I’m preying that no mounted men will catch up to me
Cause it’s a haul, all the way from the good old stampede, to try and make it to holy ground in peace country

I’m sweating bullets now
Gotta make that higher ground

The sun is set, and the sky has turned black, my stereo plays another song but I can’t look back
In my rear view mirror, everyone is chasing me, I know it’s only paranoia but it seems so real to me
My knuckles white, my face a pale grey, I took my money now it’s time for me to move this weight
Track Name: Never Said Goodbye
Never Said Goodbye

When I laid on your bed then, the last time I made you cry
I told you that I was leaving, no more trips west I’d ride
and through tears you said, where you gonna go instead
I just got up and left, never said goodbye

I’ve thought about you this last year, thought about what I did
thought about how I hurt you, with everything left unsaid
nothing gained nothing won, everything left undone
I just got up to run, never said goodbye

Know I really did love you, part of me always will
but I had to keep moving, I just couldn’t stand still
When I took that last step, I never even took a breath
I just got up and left, never said goodbye
Track Name: Hard Working People
Hard Working People

The town that I’m from ain’t all that pretty
She’s full of empty promises lies and deceit
but she’s got a lot of gold for you to try and take away
You can pay with blood or you can pay with time
but if your chasing gold the only trades your life
everything else is nothing in her eyes
And all the things you love are the things that kill you
you pay for them in blood exceptions only few
you’re hard working people working hard to kill yourself

So don’t ever laugh and don’t ever cry
just keep on going until the day you die
cause once she’s got a hold on you she don’t let go
And she’ll love you right to the end
but for all her love you have to face your death
you’re hard working people working hard to kill yourself
Track Name: Farmer's Fields
Farmer’s Fields

I know your gone and there’s nothing I can do
So I just sat down and wrote this song for you
it’s not poetic and it might not be that good
but it’s honest and the best that I can do

Cause I know, that your gone
And I know, you ain’t never coming home
But I know, that you’re alright, somewhere tonight

Long winters plague these farmer’s fields
but with you gone it’s even emptier that they feel
It’s summer now and the sun is shining high
but those fields still don’t seem as alive

All I’ve got are these memories of you
who you where and all those things you’d do
Track Name: 5 Foot 7
5 Foot 7

Tried to pick up every thing I need to know
about how to fight a man and to stand alone
you pick it up quick when they’re bigger than you
and the bigger they are the more you’ll do
Like break his knees to bring him on down
cause a man can’t fight when he’s on the ground
but you gotta strike quick and you gotta strike first
show no mercy, make sure it hurts

You gotta be hard, you gotta be mean
you gotta be the man no one wants to be

And I learnt everything I needed to do
to put a man down when I had too
I never left the house with out my knife
cause if it comes down to it, you can’t think twice
cause a man on the floor dead from your blade
is a hell of a lot better than you in his place
so at 5 foot 7 I went right out
and I didn’t look back like there was no doubts

I’m tired of being the man no one wants to be
Track Name: Lost In This House
Lost In This House

Her innocents didn’t cost nothing it couldn’t be bought
but when she lost it it seemed worth more than she got
blood on the floor and like the clothes that she wore she felt torn
knowing that nothing would ever be like before

No one will ever know about tonight
she won’t tell a soul cause she thinks she has to hide
So she’s lost in this house and the world just ain’t right

She’s heard songs sing of the loss she felt today
but those songs she heard just seemed so far away
now it’s so close she hates those songs most of all
she wants to forget or pretend this was nothing at all
Track Name: The Colonel, Johnny And Carmen
The Colonel, Johnny and Carmen

The Colonel said son a man ain’t a man with out a pair of boots to fill when he can
I never understood tell the day I turned 22 you see it took some time for me
but now I really understand those old cowboy boots

Johnny told us boy’s ya gotta be who you are inside always let that shine
but I never found out about who he really was until the day he died and the truth came to light
then I really got to see him for the first time

Advise gave to me before I’d ever understand, anything about this world
my mother she cried every night when they died

And Carmen said fast ain’t fast enough when your young and wild and your life should be on fire
and he died liked he lived going a 100 mile an hour he never seen the end it just came and went
cause he never said you’d be old when you die
Track Name: Overdue Deadlines
Overdue Deadlines

Everyone here has a song of their own
that they sing to themselves so no one else will know
the lies that they live or the life that they give to the alter
to sacrifice for the day
Like a lion when it knows that it’s truly beat
all the fight is gone now we’ve become the sheep
and everyone will say that the thing they hate the most is in themselves
when all the cards are down

Do you wonder if any one can see
what your hiding or what you want to be
are you another face another casualty
we’re all another face we’re all casualties

This place is full of long overdue deadlines
that we drew for ourselves but some how let expire
We’re past those dates but we don’t want to wait on redemption
cause we’re afraid it’ll never come
The sun will rise and the wind will ride
but the walls that we build just keep on getting higher
and the tools we use of are our own abuse
so in the end do we even know ourselves
Track Name: Darkness

I lye awake at 2 am, these demons call to me again
I can see their face as clear as glass
The darkness brings that fear that lasts
The monsters aren’t in my head, I’m not a child trying to go to bed
the fear I have can’t be undone
the real world’s the darkest of all

We lock our door try not to see all those things we won’t believe
we close ours eye’s and go to sleep
But behind closed doors is the darkest place where all those things we never say
keep going on anyway

I’ll find no peace anywhere tonight, and I’ll find no peace in the morning light
the truth is I can’t escape
This fear I have cannot be tamed
These demons call loud and clear, we all pretend not to hear
But I know their out past my door
but we don’t hear those chains anymore
Track Name: My Last Breath
My Last Breath

I don’t believe in hell but I’m scared to death
of everything I’ve done watching my last breath
do I have a soul will it save me then
we all find out my friend
So will I know, that my times come, will I see, the ending of my run

When I close my eyes for the final time
I hope to see who I missed in life
The ones who went before my time
will I see them in the light
The ones I loved, who went away, all the ones, sleeping in their graves

I don’t believe in God but I know his name
enough of my family has praised and preyed
I know there’s no man living in the sky
but I also know we all gotta die
Do they sing, out his name, in the hopes, that they’ll live again

So when I go don’t bury me
burn my body take it to the sea
the prairies are my heart but the seas my soul
you know you gotta just let me go
Drop me in, to wash away, let me go, it’s the final toll to pay

Cause time will wait for no man
the days past by ain’t coming back
but death waits here for everyone
it’s a date you can’t out run
you can try, all your life, but soon enough you’re going to have to die
Track Name: Like You And I
Like You And I

We rode the county line all those years ago
chasing the girls and trying to forget about the snow
I fought those country boys tooth and nail then
while you just ran away from everyone of them

We walked those county roads gravel for miles and miles
just to find that there was nothing worth our while
So I found that highway that black top going south
while you disappeared never to be found

Those day were clear in a world that’s never clear at all
And those days are gone like the wind they ain’t never coming home
Like you and I

We walked the city’s edge all those years ago
trying to get somewhere that we never knew
We found ourselves out there just looking at the lights
wondering if we’d ever get out alive

We walked those city streets every time we could
to try find something to try and keep us going
but all we got was mud upon our face
and scrapped up knuckles with nothing left to say
Track Name: Don't Wait For Me
Don’t Wait For Me

Don’t wait for me I won’t wait for you
the day is old and the night is new
I’ve got my life here on the line
I find myself here all the time
There’s nothing to do I don’t waste my time
So I put myself in the fire
better here than nowhere at all
cause that’s the only other place to go

Find myself just one more night find myself just one more fight
find myself just one more day before I find myself fade away
Find myself just one more drink find myself out on the brink
find myself just another man when the end comes to demand
Cause no one here gets to hesitate when called to lay among the graves

Light a candle on the windows edge
to remind me here’s where I lay my head
eventually we have to come back home
no matter the life we might have been shown
in glossy pictures it’s a perfect frame
a beautiful face and a beautiful name
but here tonight the faces have no shine
with nothing framed the edges aren’t defined
Track Name: The Porch
The Porch

As we sit on this porch we’ll watch the sun close it’s doors
Like we’ve done many times we’ll watch they day turn to night
and the conversation will turn to all those things that we’ve learned
instead of those things we could have done

I see the pain you hide through the sadness in your eyes
I’ve known you for years I know you’ll try and hide those tears
But the life that we lost is our accumulated cost
for all those things we try to out run

We’re the sons of the things that we love
We’re the sons of the dreams we will never become
We’re the sons of the curses we hold
We’re the sons of this place we call home

As the night rolls on by we’ll start to feel just fine
and the real life will get shelved with all the rest of our doubts
And once again we’ll dream like we’ve never actually seen
the real world and all that it is

But the years took their course and you can tell on this porch
cause the more that we try the more it seems just a lie
Just one more day to run from the life we don’t want
while haunted by the one that we do
Track Name: Horizon Eyes
Horizon Eyes

It’s 5 in the morning, and no sleep in sight
all the dust, seemed to kill the night
so I watch the sun rise with the devil in my eyes
and like a ghost, I walk the halls
no presence felt, but I linger on
the poisons will abid as the dark fades to light
In the day I will cower and despise

The sun will rise on horizon eyes such as mine and I can barely see
As the devil calls my name I look to see and I find he is me

The wear on my face, is not the signs of age
it’s what I’ve spent, I traded yesterday
So I watch the night pass as the day starts to land
I gave up nights, I gave up time
with no tomorrow, I traded line for line
but in this moment I have to face the light
the mirror is an unforgiving sight when you look through these eyes